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Digital Microscope/Optical Microscope/SEM
Testing Instruments for SMT/SEMICONDUCTOR/FPD
Solar Cell Industry Instruments
Non-Destructive Testing Equipments
Laboratory Instruments for Law Enforcement
Laboratory Instruments for Life Science Research
With the high quality optical, mechanical, and lighting designs, the highest optical inspection power (7000x), along with a variety of options and adapters, including the 3D rotary head adapter, the patented HIROX 3D Digital Video Microscope Systems realize 360°continuous observation and real-time measurements without moving and tilting specimen, and show a clear and highly layered microstructure images.


Suitable for the needs of high magnification observation, Hirox SH-1500/3000 Tabletop SEM, providing richer detail and depth of field images, easy to go beyond the limits of ordinary optical inspection! The automatic surface element analysis is also available with an internal EDS [Energy Dispersive Spectrometer] -X-ray Spectrometer (option).

Integrated high-resolution portable digital microscope, is easy to use and carry. It provides excellent image quality and a perfect quick results check. Besides the remote control panel, directional light-emitting diode in one lens, high-speed CF card storage, the 2D measurements is also available with PC software.

MEIJI traditional optical microscopes for a variety of industries. Includes the following series of models: Measuring Microscope; Inverted Microscope; Teaching Microscope; Metallurgical Microscope; Polarization Microscope; SMD Microscope; Stereo Microscope and Biological Microscope.

Adopted the MAKSUTOV-CASSEGRAIN Catadioptric Principle, the QUESTAR (U.S.A) Long (Working) Distance Microscope has very small objective lens diameter and length, but extremely long focal length with a maximum of up to 5 meters, while the resolution is very high.

Developed by Questar (U.S.A), the Multi-Focal Length Lens (MFL) that is fully motorized and microprocessor controlled. It is a very portable small aperture lens providing five discrete focal lengths and five neutral density or spectral filter selections. The lens is best suited for video use and is shipped ready to connect directly to any standard C-mount type CCD camera.