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Digital Microscope/Optical Microscope/SEM
Testing Instruments for SMT/SEMICONDUCTOR/FPD
Solar Cell Industry Instruments
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With the high quality optical, mechanical, and lighting designs, the highest optical inspection power (7000x), along with a variety of options and adapters, including the 3D rotary head adapter, the patented HIROX 3D Digital Video Microscope Systems realize 360°continuous observation and real-time measurements without moving and tilting specimen, and show a clear and highly layered microstructure images.


Integrated high-resolution portable digital microscope, is easy to use and carry. It provides excellent image quality and a perfect quick results check. Besides the remote control panel, directional light-emitting diode in one lens, high-speed CF card storage, the 2D measurements is also available with PC software.

Series of 3DFAMILY semi-auto and fully automatic high-performance vision measuring machines achieve a variety of complex and accurate measurement of the workpiece surface, can be applied to products inspections of mobile phone accessories, PCB board, connectors, household appliances products, machinery parts, precision jigs and so on.


Programable 2 CCD camera system, 6-axis motion control, auto picking & placing function, auto soldering & de-soldering function, automatic flux coating, etc. Lascan solder paste inspection and rework equipment is used to monitor and control one of the most crucial steps affecting the finished quality of circuit board.


Automatic 3D Solder Paste Inspector can obtain 3D data of each point of solder paste, through the motion of an auto-XY stage and laser scanning, which can also be used to measure the average thickness of the pad in order to control the solder paste printing process.


Innovative 3D laser triangulation sensor, the RSCTM profiles real shape of features and also provides highly robust 3D data against considerable variations of PCB color and finishing condition, solder material, paste shape, and warpage.This highest quality of 3D data backs up top level performance of the system concerning about the reliability and accuracy.


Full pneumatic control, non-electric, high volume low pressure spray washing, non-destructive steel mesh tension, double-spin asymmetry in adjustable spray arm, clean both sides at the same time, room temperature drying, spin dry, fast dry, non-destructive steel mesh tension......


Designed to meet a wide range of rigorous needs of the electronics, automotive, military and aerospace, telecom and medical device markets, the compact Y.Cougar microfocus platform provides the most versatile X-ray solution for 2D and 3D inspection in the market. Y.Cougar systems are the ideal solution for real-time microfocus X-ray inspections ranging from manual single device to fully automated high volume applications.


FlyInspector, the comfortable and drift-free self-balancing arm of Flyinspector always stays where you put it and allows inspection and documentation within a 1 meter radius.
MicroInspector, allows all types of inspection using one system, which includes a sophisticated XYZ manipulator with a special object mount system, a MegaPixel camera set-up and an innovative Xenon lamp illumination system.
MobileInspector, is a comfortable, easy-to-mount XY table system that makes assembly inspection possible at any place in your company.


The KMAC precise film thickness measuring system series have widely applied in semiconductor projects, insulator thin film, LCD/PDP/ELD/OLED flat panel display manufacturers in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, etc. From laboratory analytical tabletop facility, to the inline measurement equipment, KMAC provides the numerous models and the function choices as you need.


Equipped with uncompromised 500MHz bandwidth electronics, high sensitivity transceiver and ultra-precise scanner mechanism, the resultant image definition can be as high as 8,192×8,192pixels at the finest pitch of 0.5μm. Fine, Fast and Flexible FineSAT is responding to all the stringent needs from R&D lab to production lines!


The Niton XRF analyzers provide electronics manufacturers and distributors with a real solution to the problem of screening of plastics, metals, and electronics for compliance with RoHS and similar regulations. These instruments include the first application of a 50 kV miniaturized x-ray tube – the most versatile x-ray tube ever used in handheld XRF instruments.


Saki offers industry leading technology utilizing its innovative, high-speed Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) systems to the Electronics Assembly Markets. These systems provide the highest coverage, speed, and flexibility that allow companies worldwide to improve their production quality.


Jutze offers different size inline AOI for PCB inspecption and assemblies, to meet those requirements of precise, stable, high speed and thorough defect inspection during the process.


Suitable for the needs of high magnification observation, Hirox SH-1500/3000 Tabletop SEM, providing richer detail and depth of field images, easy to go beyond the limits of ordinary optical inspection! The automatic surface element analysis is also available with an internal EDS [Energy Dispersive Spectrometer] -X-ray Spectrometer (option).


Driven by applications, the ZEISS EVO® series SEM has evolved to provide users in Materials Analysis and Life Science with microscopes designed to match their needs. Both microscopes series share some key features.


The SuperM.O.L.E Gold is the thermal profiler of choice! Chosen by virtually every one of the world’s top 100 electronics manufacturing companies. Compact and very easy to use, the SuperM.O.L.E Gold offers 6-channel measurement and features Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.


Consumable goods of Lead Free Solder Paste, Flux, Non-toxic Cleanig Agent...ect.
The SGS lead free environment protecting certificate obtained.