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Digital Microscope/Optical Microscope/SEM
Testing Instruments for SMT/SEMICONDUCTOR/FPD
Solar Cell Industry Instruments
Non-Destructive Testing Equipments
Laboratory Instruments for Law Enforcement
Laboratory Instruments for Life Science Research
With All-In-One design for solar energy industry,HIROX 3D Digital Microscope offers a full range precision, high resolution and high-quality inspection instruments, technical support as well as the effective quality control solutions!


Automatic L6000 3D Silver Paste Inspector can obtain 3D data of silver paste grid line through the motion of an auto-XY stage and laser scanning, which can also be used to measure its average thickness in order to control the process.


Suitable for the needs of high magnification observation, Hirox SH-1500/3000 Tabletop SEM, providing richer detail and depth of field images, easy to go beyond the limits of ordinary optical inspection! The automatic surface element analysis is also available with an internal EDS [Energy Dispersive Spectrometer] -X-ray Spectrometer (option).


ECD Welding Furnace Temperature Profiler can not only measure temperature of solar cells in the manufacturing process, but also optimize the welding process. Meanwhile, the system can also be used in routine monitoring, warning when any temperature exception occurs.