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Series of Centurion's programmable, high performance eddy current tester owns the industry's widest frequency range for its size. It also features the lightest weight and the biggest display screen. With a host of user conveniences, they make even the most critical testing procedure simple.


With the simple to use hand held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, you can make reliable measurements or scan a length of material for the thinnest point. The tool's backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of batteries.


The optical 3D measuring systems are based on the technology of fringe projection, one of the newest and most innovative developments in optical 3D metrology. Developed by GFMesstechnik GmbH, the digital light projectors using micro mirror displays DLPTM , are providing exceptional results concerning high light intensity and short exposure times. resulting thereof, the systems are distinguished by rapid acquisition and outstanding accuracy.


Precise responses to your camera control with the joystick operation. The 360-degree articulation capability assists you to navigate through the curved and complex paths. Its full-control and high navigation abilities improve work efficiency at the inspection site. More solutions of Borescope and Fiberscope are available.


ITI’s patented articulation control results in smooth scanning with immediate, positive response: this allows the operator to rotate the articulation control knob to a specific position, release the knob, and have the tip remain in position reducing both operator and instrument fatigue.


LIST Magnetik is the professional manufacturer and create new standard of coating thickness meter.The MEGA-CHECK series use the latest electronic technology, with highest accuracy and most convenient operation.


With end grounded units, the LORAD LPX series x-ray have been engineered to produce the sharpest images. The high radiation output of the LORAD LPX systems allow for lower kV per exposure and increased film contrast for superior radiographic imaging.


The Sonatest range of portable digital ultrasonic flaw detectors and phased array equipment has a reputation for quality, reliability, high performance and exceptional value. Our range begins with low cost basic products for corrosion measurement and weld inspection through to high-end performance models for more demanding applications such as those required in aerospace industries.


Simple and affordable, the StressTel BoltMike III Ultrasonic Bolt Extensometer measures strain in critical bolts per ASTM E1685-00 providing necessary data on clamp load and induced stress in tensioned fasten.


The StressTel FlawMike Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is easy to use with direct access keys for all frequently used functions. One key press changes gain, turns the backlight on, prints a report, and displays all FlawMike settings. The large, high resolution LCD display is easy to read with a 60 Hz update rate and excellent daylight visibility. The compact and rugged metal housing and sealed keypad handle the abuse of the toughest working conditions.


The StressTel Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges with dual element transducers measure remaining wall thickness of pipelines, tanks and other industrial structures exposed to corrosive and erosive conditions.


UE Systems is the worldwide leader in airborne/structure borne ultrasound instruments. This is where you'll find the famous portable Ultraprobe series and continuous on-line monitors for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection to solve your condition monitoring, energy conservation and predictive maintenance needs.


Vidisco Flat foX-17 Flat Panel X-ray Inspection System is a completely portable Flat Panel X-ray Inspection System with the Control Display Unit (CDU), Flat Panel Imager, Imager Control Unit (ICU), X-ray source and all required cables fitting into one "Storm" carrying case with wheels.